Shadowbane Inc.

550 Paracord, Kydex, and Painted Airsoft Guns.

I had an idea to write this website. I wanted to start a tactical company and sell on my website. I wanted to release paracord creations and Kydex implements to the public, military, and airsoft teams. I had many templates drawn for ideas for specific implementation. My skills at paracord’ing are very good, but my skills at Kydex’ing are not very bolstered.

I eventually want to make my own knives. I want to build fixed blade knives, and can build folding knife kits for customers who would like a custom order. I plan on using Kydex, bone, and wood for the handles.

     I sell 550 Paracord in multiple forms. I make belts, slings, bracelets, lanyards, keychains, dog leashes, knife handle wraps, and knife handle lanyards and loops. I usually use standard 550 Paracord, but if you want I can use Mil-Spec Paracord. I have an assortment of colors that I can use, from black, to OD green, sage green, coyote brown, tan, grey, camo, and glow in the dark. Length is not a limitation. If you need custom work, I can do that too, see my Contact page.                                                                                                                               I also make Art Guns. I can make Kydex holsters and sheaths, just send me your gun or knife.

I also do CA legal gun grips on CA guns that need to meet CA gun laws. So I kydex the grip with 3 eyelets so that it cannot be grasped.

I also do Kydex Qur’An holders. These are important because the Qur’An cannot be put on the ground without being kissed afterword. The Kydex Qur’An holders are lined with leather, and have a micro chord weave for the tab to pull the book out of the holder. I can make these for any size book. I will make these out of. 080 inch black Kydex with the rough side out, I will secure the sides with 9 eyelets.

I make weaponized dream catchers, these are wrapped in paracord and the inside string is made of paracord inner rope. I hang two decommissioned. 50 Cal. bullets from each end and one M4 mag.

I also make Kydex wallets, I fold the Kydex wallet over for the main part of the wallet, and then secure one corner with an eyelet. Then I attach a money clip with two screws.

I had an idea to make COD:M perks on Kydex with aluminum plates on them and laser etching. These could be carried in games and by enthusiasts. Let me know if this is something you would want.

I planned out a dual tank holder with two oval shaped pouches with padded top covers and a hard back. It would be MOLLE mounted and hold two individually padded tanks with regulators on the back of a plate carrier. Let me know if you want to use this idea.

I can also get Lvl IV ballistic helmets for $250. I found them on I charge a small markup for ordering them for you. But I can also customize them. Please email.

Note: Since our products are meant for the survivalist, EDC user and tactical enthusiast; we allow for custom orders. These include the addition of survival products woven into your gear.

     Here are some ideas that you can use to source custom projects from me:       Headbands
Monkey fists
Gun grips
Gun stocks
Vertical grips
Survival grenades
Rifle retention lanyards
Knife handles
Knife lanyards
Boot laces
Watch bands
Helmet wraps
MOLLE tie ups
Bong wraps
Broom handles
Dog leashes
Dog collars
Cat collars
Cat leashes
Dog harnesses
Cat harnesses
Messenger bags

Hey, does anyone want me to build Paracord for them? I could do it for a team or we could start an Airsoft team. We could all have matching slings and rifle retention lanyards and bracelets. It would be good if someone had a car since I need a car to go to the games. Also, my gear and guns are ready to go except for the BDU’s. Let me know.