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EMG SAI DS 2011 Training Pistol Review

I added VZ Grips Simonich G10 Gunner Grips in Coyote Brown to the pistol and they took some modification. The grips were too long on the pistol, so I had to dremel them down on the bottom. The lines are not perfectly straight, and only a close glance would reveal this, but I would much rather have had a belt sander to sand down the base edges of the grips into flat edges. Also, the old grip screws would not fit the new grips, as they are much thicker than the thin metal plates with the SAI logo on them. I had to go to home depot and get some black anodized allen screws to fit the grips. These new screws barely screwed into the threads on the pistol’s grip, but did secure the grips. The new effect on the usability of the pistol is that it may require both hands to shoot. While before the grip was slim enough that the pistol could be held with one hand (I have large hands, so even a WE Desert Eagle was possible for me to shoot one handed) this new pistol is so wide that my right hand does not comfortably fit around it.
I also had installed by a tech, as one of the screw tops on the inner barrel was stripping (and he miraculously got it unbound), a Maple Leaf 6.01mm Crazy Jet 113mm inner barrel and a Maple Leaf Autobot 60 degree bucking.
After about 1000 shots on green gas mags the magazine catch broke. I had trouble finding this replacement part from Evike or AW so I sent the pistol to Mike at Jag Arms Airsoft Repair out of Palo Alto. He was able to find a replacement, and sent the gun back to me with a gold anodized magazine release, which really looked good as it matched all the other gold on the pistol.

Blachkawk! Omnivore Holster Overview

I bought a Blackhawk! Omnivore holster kit. It came with several mounting options for the belt. I am used to drop-leg holsters and so I was a little disappointed as this was the only offering that Blackhawk! made to mount the holster. I had previously purchased a Sign Said P226 Blackhawk! Sherpa holster on a thigh rig that I had no use for, so after giving away the holster part of the rig, I was left with the leg shroud.
I luckily found out that I didn’t need any new mounting hardware, and the screws that came with the seeps holster would fit through the holes on the Omnivore.
Time to mount.
The Omnivore holster has three screw holes on the backside, used to mount the paddle mount or the belt mount. One must screw the three screws from the leg shroud side into the back of the Omnivore, and this takes a little bit of work when aligning the whole thing.
Now my Omnivore holster is mounted on the Blackhawk! Sherpa drop-leg thigh rig, and we can get into two more specifics.

  1. The holster (Omnivore) is a little wider than the Seeps coming out from the leg. This gives the holster an effect of being farther out from the leg as the Serpa.
  2. There was an Airsoft Society post about how to modify an Omnivore to hold a pistol with a silencer. I did this, by dremeling out the hole in the bottom of the holster to a circle, thus allowing a WE M9A1 SOF to fit with Streamlight TLR-1 attached with little friction.

Magpul PTS Masada SV Weaponization

I bought a Magpul PTS Masada SV off of Airsoft Society for $250. The gun came with a small airsoft kit, but I was mainly interested in the gun. The previous owner had received the gun as a Christmas gift from his wife, and never took it playing, and the gun was still virtually new, with box.
As you know the difference between the SV and the ACR is the fixed stock (with cheek riser) vs. the folding/collapsible stock, the lack of MBUIS, vs. included irons, and a standard metal and plastic receiver vs. a T6061 aluminum CNC’d upper receiver and a 3M infused lower receiver, and a mechbox made by Ares vs. one  made by PTS (the last note {PTS} I could be wrong about). The Ares mechbox is reported to be better than the ACR’s, and this small fact led me to keep the SV and write this article.
Now then… there were some reinforcements that I made to the rifle, and a full price list will be included at the end. Only final wish for the external modifications is a cerakote job.

  1. Without m4 sling studs on a 2-point sling, there is no way to sling the rifle. For this I bought a PTS Sling Bar that mounted with two elongated screws on the left side of the stock’s mounting screw points
  2. A Deranged Airsoft barrel stabilizer which was one of the most enjoyable parts to buy for the rifle was mounted in the front section of the receiver to prevent barrel wobble.
  3. Deranged Airsoft Dual Incisor gold anodized charging handles were installed (totalling $50) to give the charging handle ambi-dexterous capability.
  4. I added two elements to the hop-up chamber to increase the range, because I wanted a gun with stupid long range. I first bought a Wii-Tech hop-up stabilizer (which consisted of a metal part and a H-nub to pseudo flat-hop the gun). Then I bought a Wii-Tech hop-up chamber which significantly stabilized the hop-up.
  5. I sprang for a Dan Bloomquist (Bloomie’s Airsoft) ZCI 6.02mm 499mm (lapped and polished) RHOP barrel. This was the longest the barrel could be without any “back-suck” happening behind the BB. This barrel should launch .36g BB’s out to 300′ but we will do a range test later. The barrel is longer than the outer barrel, and thus needs it’s extra length to be covered by a silencer.
  6. I bought SNI Tactical (a website that has since been seized) tan flip up sights for the top rail.
  7. I picked up a GATE Pico AAB MOSFET from Evike to allow the gun to be shot using LiPo batteries. I had a tech install it, and he also added a Dean’s plug on the end. This increased the ROF and gave better electrical efficiency.
  8. I had a ASG 22TPA motor installed and with the 11.1V LiPo this left the gun shooting at 23RPS.
  9. I had a cut down M120 spring installed too by my tech and this left the gun chrino’ing at 395fps.

To not address bolt-ons, these were the modifications I made to the gun to make it game ready.

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