I have read the Qur’ân in English thrice and in Arabic once. I found my DOC to be plants. I wanted to start an islamic store that sold all artifacts other than Halal meat. I found this website: https://scialert.net/fulltext/?doi=pjn.2009.1472.1479 . I wanted to start a store stocking:

Acorus calamus                                   L., Artemisia maritima                        L., Boswellia carterii                    Birdw., Boswellia serrata    Birdw., Cinnamomum camphora            L., Citrus spp.,                                     Commiphora molmol Engl. ex Tschirch,   Crocus sativus                               L., Cymbopogon schoenanthus Spreng.,    Dryobalanops aromatica Gaertn. F.,     Lawsonia inermis L.                               Majorana hortensis Moench.                  Ocimum basilicum L.                              Origanum vulgare L.                                  Thymus serpyllum L.

I would grow all these plants, as well as grow Phalaris Grass.

I would also stock:. Sibhas of various numbers, wood beads, and stones. Tesbihs of various makes. Zam Zam water. Stones. Antimony. Siwak. Prayer oils. Jewelry. Various Qur’ân’s from different translators. Hadith’s of various Ulama Sheikhs. Siras of different authors. Purslane. Frankensence. Brown sugar. Spices. Weapons.

Islamic wear: Many Muslims are wondering what to wear, maybe these suggestions would help. A fur cap                                                            Leather socks                                                         A magnetic bracelet                                              A magnetic ring                                                     A prayer rug or Sajjadah                                     A Muslim T shirt                                                   A Ruqya prayer belt Steel toed Kevlar soled shoes Siwak Prayer oils A prayer robe or thobe Beads. A Ghutra
A Eqal

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I recently wrote the first two Enochian Calls in Right-to Left. They are meant to be written Right-to-Left, but all the websites and books on it have them written Left-to-Right. In the Golden Dawn the first two Enochian Calls are used for the Invisibility spell, so these can be used for that. I’m working on the third Call right now, and I plan on writing all 19 Calls Right-to-Left. You can find the English translation elsewhere and reference that when reading them, same with pronunciation guides. Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette is a good book on the subject.

I wrote the third and fourth Enochian Call.

I posted the 5th Enochian Call.

I just wrote the 6th call.

The 7th Call.

Call 8.

I wrote the 9th call.

I just wrote the 10th call. I plan on having all 19 Calls posted.

I wrote the 11th call.

I just wrote the 12th call.

I wrote the 13th Call.

I just completed the 14th Call.

I wrote the 15th call.

I wrote the 16th Call.

I just uploaded the 17th call.

Here is the 18th Call.

The Call Of The Thirty Aethyrs.

My name is Rumzi Youssef Ghulam, ibn Basim, ibn Victoria. I have been practicing Enochian Magick for so.me years. I know the dangers of its use, as well as some of the lighter side of the experience when it does work. I read in Enochian Vision Magick that the Enochian language is written right to Left, so I transcribed the first 19 Calls that you have to say in that direction. Approach at your own risk.

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