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Non Mil-Spec 550 Paracord Creations

     My Paracord belts are my best creation and in the case of the buckles and the thread they are using Mil-Spec materials. They hold a lot of rope. I have used one on my PALS/MOLLE battle belt and it fit and was comfortable. Please purchase a pre-production one, or request a custom one. Many options available.

Load rated for forces up to 9 kN (straight), or 18 kN (looped), so it is suitable for use with duty belts, climbing harnesses, and cargo tie-downs.

Slings. 1-Point, 2-Point, 2-to-1 Point Slings

Our 1-Point slings offer three hooks that attach to the D-Rings of your plate carrier and one to the gun’s stock or buffer tube sling mount. Price: $35

Our 2-point slings offer HK hooks on the ends and can be two or three times wrapped. Price: $30

Our 2-to-1 Point slings offer M4-style sling studs that attach to the sling attachment points on the rifle. There is a slide plate that allows the sling to convert from 2-to-1 point mode. The Paracord is double wrapped. Price: $50

Rifle Retention Lanyards. Our rifle retention lanyards use a horizontally mounted buckle that attaches to the PALS webbing on your plate carrier and keeps your rifle from moving with the attached HK hook. Price: $15

Our bracelets are available with 5/8” and 3/4” buckles, as well as multi function buckles. We sell them in coyote brown, OD, and black, with length measurement on request. Price: $7

Our multi function buckles are available on double cobra weave bracelets. They feature a knife, a compass, an emergency whistle, and a fire starter. Price: $15

For bracelets or any other Paracord product, I can double cobra wrap or triple cobra wrap anything. Also, I have metal buckles available from for $2.50 per buckle.

Our keychains are Price: $5. All rules still apply, any color can be chosen, and multiple wrap levels can be added for $2 per level.

A creation of mine that I think has not been done before is the Paracord wrapped bandanna. Price: $15 Pick a bandanna color and Paracord color and I will weave one for you. It can be worn on the head, around the arm, or worn for extra rope.

I made headphones based off a dream, where the length of the bow is paracord wrapped, and there is a triple wrapped section with an HK hook on a loop. This can be used to secure the extra headphone cable. I also wrapped the headphone cable. P $35 for the wrapping work.

My signature shoe laces. Simple: a length of Paracord per shoe. I burn the ends so that they do not fray. You simply thread them through the shoes and tie the ends into knots. I also like to put a length of shrink tube to create shoe lace ends.  Just measure the length of the laces you have and send it to me. Price $10.00

These 4 Art Guns I no longer have but use for examples only. They are spring airsoft pistols in working and non-working state that have been painted with GOLD spray paint and set in shadow boxes. Offerings for new ones will include real rounds or shell casings, etched glass and LED lighting. These are available by commission, as I still need to make more. You can choose your gun type and box size, and we’ll talk about colors. I would charge $75 for one of these.

I can also work on AEG’s, GBB’s, or GBBR’s. I use GOLD spray paint and disassemble the gun and paint the different parts. Then I put it in/on a wall mount.

Thank you for reading my store Page. It took me a lot of work to get this far, and I hope I have the skills to help you with your needs.

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